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Futureway Homes is a company whose ethos is to create, Fast Track Smart Developments using the very latest technology in modern methods of construction (MMC).
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Futureway Homes provide renewable energy solutions and 
low energy building systems achieving up to Code 6 of homes 
for Sustainability.

What is MMC?

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are defined as those which have an efficient product management process to provide more products of better quality in less time. It is planned in 
various ways.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

  • Lightweight Steel Frame Construction

  • Pre fabrication, Off-site production and Off- site manufacturing(OSM)

  • Pre-fabricated timber frame construction

  • Modular/volumetric construction

  • System Buildings

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Panel implementation

Raising the standards of modern living

Futureway Homes has extensive experience in Fast Track Construction. We are specialising in supporting developers using our expert knowledge of MMC. We have a proven track record of delivering schemes on time and budget.

Light gauge steel frame construction

The lightweight steel components in the build envelope are highly insulated and have proven performance characteristics. ‘Warm frame’ construction provides a thermally efficient building solution.

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Timber frame developments

We use prefabricated timber wall panels and floors This method of constructing housing has advanced breathable membranes, insulation and vapour control layers along with careful detailing to ensure durability.

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Modular system developments

Modular homes provide an effective and affordable solution to tackle the housing shortage, reducing construction time, often by up to 50%, delivering consistency, quality and speed. Modular homes are precision engineered off-site.

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Complete Flexibility

Modern methods of construction do not result in less robust solutions than traditional construction methods. It is a faster method of building with modern and innovative techniques. Achieving the same or better performance standards.

How it works


Complete construction services in 48 counties of the UK

Future Way Homes. Ltd are specialists in delivering Fast Track Construction Systems from Light Gauge Steel, Timber Frame, Penalised Walls, to full modelised all of which assist us to deliver most build programs within a 
12 month construction time line.


Futureway Homes are involved in 12 innovative projects.

Futureway Homes collaborate in joint ventures and investment groups. We source development sites through our network, looking to develop site’s which have full planning approval and ready to go. Talk to us today

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